My saddle hurts my back. Should I change it ?

Before riding, one must have the necessary accessories. There are stools adapted to each type of horse. Similarly, the age of the rider can determine the type of stool that is suitable for the race. In addition, the equipment must be of good quality to prevent unfortunate incidents from occurring. However, in some cases, the rider may experience discomfort or pain due to the saddle. What solution should be adopted?

The causes of back pain in riding

There are many reasons why the rider is embarrassed when practicing riding. For example, factors such as the intensity of everyday practices, the violence of training exercises, or repeated trauma can be identified. There are also cases where the rider already has a chronic illness that triggers when the horse rides. Problems such as lumbagos or deterioration of the spine may then appear. These dysfunctions can also come from less serious cases such as poor posture. Indeed, back pain can come from the way the rider rides and articulates his movements. For this purpose the pelvis is the driving element. Therefore, bad positions of this one undoubtedly have negative impacts on the physics of the rider and his horse. It is from there that the back pain appears.

Back pain: a matter of equipment

In order to avoid discomfort when riding a horse, we must pay attention to the quality of the equipment we use. Certainly, it is the equitack saddle that ensures the stability of the rider on his mount. If he uses another saddle of the wrong size, he may not sit comfortably on the horse. And of course, this would have negative impacts on her posture. This is why many riders most often complain of back pain. In the event that these problems occur, it is necessary to think to change squarely of saddle. It is then advisable to ask the experts to find the appropriate saddle for the rider and the horse in the same way.

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